Due Diligence

TNEI has undertaken a range of technical due diligence activities on behalf of investors and regulators on power related projects. These activities have either been undertaken directly for the ultimate client, or in partnership with other organisations such as Arup, Pöyry, K2 Management and Baringa.

Projects have ranged from new wind turbines and generation technology, to distribution networks and offshore transmission networks and spanned the UK, Ireland and Brazil.

TNEI can provide technical due diligence advice in the following areas: environmental issues, consenting, noise and acoustics, grid connection and civil engineering.

We identify critical aspects through a red flag review, allowing clients to concentrate on key issues, however, we can tailor due diligence scopes to meet your specific requirements. A detailed due diligence report is prepared, based upon the red flag review findings and your initial feedback.

Our technical detailed due diligence assessments cover any one, or combination, of the following areas:

  • Technology assessment
  • Grid connection review
  • Grid code compliance
  • Electricity regulation
  • Civil and electrical design assessments
  • Ground risk
  • Construction contracts, interfaces and programmes
  • Resource assessment and energy yield
  • Capital cost assessments
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Consenting and permitting
  • Environmental aspects
  • Noise monitoring and assessment
  • Site monitoring, inspections and investigations.

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