Equipment modelling

Our expert system modellers are able to step beyond the normal confines of power system modelling tools. Due to our inherent understanding of the prime power system equipment, as well as detailed knowledge of the implementation of analysis algorithms and power system applications, we are able to provide clients and end-users with robust and accurate models of their technology or specific applications.

Our initial engagement in this space started in 2004 with the development of simple models of the “Danish Concept” wind turbines in PSS/E using Fortran models, as a way of addressing the lack of suitable models that were part of the barrier to connection of wind turbines. This then extended into working directly with major turbine manufacturers on their next generation full converter and DFIG wind turbines in PSS/E, PSLF and IPSA. We pioneered the use of Matlab Simulink as a common model interchange format to resolve the IPR concerns, whilst ensuring the ability to deliver robust and accurate models in the native modelling language of the various tools.

Our equipment and application modelling experience is now extending into representation of new network technology, such as super-conducting fault current limiters, HVDC, Statcoms and smart grid control technology into load flow and short-circuit tools – beyond the usual dynamic simulation implementation.

We have a proven track-record in providing modelling solutions in tools including PSS/E, Powerfactory, PSLF, IPSA and PSCAD.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your modelling requirements.