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IPSA 2 is a modern and comprehensive power system analysis package for the design, planning and operation of electrical networks. It is used for distribution and transmission systems, off-shore platforms, nuclear power stations, oil and gas facilities and renewable generation sites. The program is designed by power systems engineers for power systems engineers. Our philosophy is to provide fast and accurate analysis of electrical power systems.

The latest version of IPSA contains a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes. For the full details please check the release notes which are available on the IPSA 2 download page.

Changes include:

  • A faster 64-bit version which supports Python 3 
  • DC load flow module
  • New licencing system
  • New islands properties window
  • New ScriptedIPSA islands functions
  • New ScriptedIPSA GetXXXUIDs functions
  • Hexagonal busbar conversion from ISPA 2 to IPSA 1
  • Ratings for line and transformer data tables
  • IPSA 2.9.0 Supports Linux distributions, in particular Ubuntu 18.04

To download IPSA 2.9.0, click here

To find out more how you can purchase the software, please visit the IPSA Power website here.