Data and digitalisation: TNEI launch FES 2021 interactive tool

FES 2021
12 Aug 2021

Last month saw the launch of National Grid ESO’s Future Energy Scenarios for 2021. These scenarios offer a range of credible pathways for reaching net-zero, and describe the key elements of each that cover generation mix, demand, consumer behaviour and technology changes, as well as the policy and market needs for supporting these developments. 

A key theme of FES2021 is data and digitalisation, which is supported by the recent launch of the Energy Digitalisation Strategy. We at TNEI understand the value that data analysis, statistical modelling and visualisation brings to innovation in power and energy systems projects. To complement the dashboard NGESO have launched, our Data Science Team have used the FES2021 data workbooks to develop an interactive explorer of the scenarios. The FES Explorer tool will allow users to explore the impacts on demand, generation and storage through the ESO’s Future Energy Scenarios, which can be accessed here

We believe that visualisations are increasingly important in the communication of analysis and to support decision making, and therefore our approach to projects is innovative in both the modelling and analysis required and the way in which outputs are visualised and delivered for clients.

Our data scientists are energy sector experts. One of the key skills for a data scientist is domain expertise and we have decades of experience in our team, covering issues like control room operations, long-term planning and network economics. This domain expertise means we really know what problems we are trying to solve, we understand what sort of decisions need to be made and we won’t get easily misled by any spurious results!

TNEI has expertise in and can assist with the following services:

  • Data visualisation and interactive dashboards,   
  • Forecasting,
  • Machine learning,          
  • Optimisation and decision-support, and
  • Probabilistic modelling and statistical simulation.

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