Forecasting 101 for the Electrical Networks Sector

24 Feb 2021

Forecasts have always been essential to the operation of electrical power networks and have been used for many decades for purposes such as deciding the optimal sizing of cables, the required rating for transformers, and the amount of generation that should be dispatched at any given time. 

However, their role is rapidly becoming ever more important and the way they must be used is becoming ever more complex. Quantities being forecast range from the output of a wind farm 10 minutes ahead to the maximum active power demand on a transformer during the next winter, to the way most people will heat their homes in 30 years.

Our Data Science team have been busy writing our latest technical paper ‘Forecasting 101 for the Electrical Networks Sector’ which looks at some of the reasons behind this rising importance and aims to de-mystify the topic, explaining the concepts in clear and simple terms.

The Forecasting 101 paper, which can be downloaded from our downloads section of the website, will also cover some aspects that are particularly relevant to our sector but, perhaps most importantly, will not bog you down in any mathematical detail. It will hopefully make you think about forecasting in a new light. Should you wish to discuss any of the aspects covered in the paper, or think you could benefit from any of TNEI’s data science services, then please get in touch.

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