TNEI partner with Climate Stewards to offset carbon emissions

TNEI carbon offsetting with Climate Stewards
19 Aug 2020

TNEI’s vision for the energy sector is to help to secure a smooth and secure transition for the UK to meet it’s “Net Zero” targets. Achieving “Net Zero” in the UK by mid-century will require significant changes across the whole energy system and will be a major challenge to all involved. TNEI is keen to support this change by finding new and creative ways of producing, distributing and managing energy across our systems in a secure, cost effective and sustainable manner. As an SME we are looking to play our part by basing our business plans on supporting this move to “Net Zero”.

As part of our plans and our own ongoing commitment to helping to achieve the country’s environmental targets, members of TNEI’s Climate Action Group have calculated our carbon footprint from travel and office energy consumption and in response to our findings we are pleased to announce we have chosen to offset this with Climate Stewards, who encourage businesses to reduce what carbon emissions they can, and offset the rest. At TNEI we are also looking to reduce our carbon footprint by making changes to our travel patterns and increasing the use of technology to avoid unnecessary travel.

Climate Stewards is an organisation supporting community forestry, water filter and cookstove projects in seven countries in the developing world. Trees lock up carbon and bring other local benefits such as providing nutritious food from fruit trees. Water filters and cookstoves reduce the amount of firewood and/or charcoal required by a household, thus saving money, improving health and reducing pressure on remaining forests. You can read more on the Climate Stewards website.

We hope you will be encouraged to promote “Net Zero” in your own organisation and our Climate Action Group would love to hear what you are doing to achieve this and share some ideas about how you might do so. Please get in touch with Max McFarlane if you would like to find out more or share any ideas.