Power systems applications

Our software development team provides a broad spectrum of solutions for the electrical power system and renewables industries. These range from the support and development of our own software products and the supply of discrete program components, through to the development of client-specific software systems.

Our core product is IPSA, an analysis program that is used worldwide for electrical power systems design and operational planning. IPSA provides for all the standard analysis requirements, while remaining a highly extensible and very adaptable tool to satisfy the changing needs of the power industry.

The analysis calculation algorithms are available packaged as individual components which are collectively called the IPSA Engines. These engines can be driven directly from other desktop tools, such as Microsoft Excel, or embedded in other software applications.

We are available to assist or develop software solutions tailored to meet a client's specific needs. Solutions can be based on existing IPSA tools, on external software, or they can be new freshly-developed applications.

Visit our dedicated IPSA Power website or contact us for further information about how we can help you with your specific issue.