TNEI Training Courses

TNEI run specialist training courses to a wide range of industry professionals working in various sectors within the energy industry. Training courses are suitable for anyone looking to expand their power systems knowledge and skills, including but not limited to: engineers, regulators, turbine manufacturers, developers, shipping companies, independent connection providers (ICPs), consultancies, utility companies and power plant maintenance/installation companies.

Our range of standard courses can be tailored to specific requirements. All of TNEI’s training courses are delivered by experienced consultants.

Software Training

*NEW* IPSA in a day - IPSA Training Crash Course

IPSA Introductory Training Course 

Python Programming Training Course 

EREC Standards

P28 Issue 2 Training Course

G99 Training Course 

G5/5 Training Course

Power Systems

Interconnectors Training Course

Overview of Power Systems Training Course

Advanced Electricity Training Course

Transmission and Distribution System Planning Training Course 

Power Systems and Grid Connection

Understanding Electrical Projects for New Developers

Offshore Wind Farms and HVDC Training Course

Energy Storage Training Course 

Connecting Generators to the UK Networks Training Course

Connecting Offshore Wind Farms to the Grid

Wider Network Operation

Introduction to Electricity Charging Regime and Use of System Costs in GB

Introduction to Generator Transmission Connections in GB

Introduction to GB Electricity Markets

EIA Training

Environmental Noise Training Course

These training courses can be offered either online, from the TNEI offices or at your premises. If you and/or your colleagues are interested in attending a course or would like further details, please call +44 (0) 161 233 4800 or email

TNEI also offer bespoke training courses to meet your specific needs. Please email us with your requirements for more information.

To view our full range of courses, please download our training brochure