Connecting Generators to UK Networks Training Course

This training provides new and existing power plant developers knowledge about basic power systems, the process of making a new generation application, generator related issues and connection requirements.


The course will include: 

  • Power system operation overview
  • Various forms of conventional and renewable generators and their penetration levels in the network
  • G99 application form overview
  • How National Grid manages peak demand
  • Types of battery storage devices commonly used and related technologies
  • Voltage management, use of reactive power devices/provisions from generators
  • Generation application process
  • Technical Information required by the DNO
  • Connection timescales
  • Stability and harmonics issues
  • Voltage step change and flicker issues
  • Introduction to Protection
  • Transmission system connected generator requirements
  • Distribution system connected generator requirements

Course duration: 1 day

For group bookings, please get in touch to discuss discounted rates. 

Useful for: Developers, engineers, students

To register your interest for the course or to find out more information please email