Overview of Power Systems Training Course

This course aims to provide an overview of power systems. It could act as a good knowledge refresher course for engineers.


The course will include: 

  • Basic concepts of: active and reactive power, frequency balancing, voltage control and current flow
  • Power Systems Background: sources and loads, delivery of power, single phase model, 3-phase model (star and delta)
  • Harmonics: causes, effects, mitigation, issues specific to 3-phase systems, variable frequency drives, THDs and TDD
  • Transients: voltage sags and swells, power interruptions, transients, and AVR/DG behaviour
  • Unbalanced 3-phase systems: counter-torque, current on neutral wire, and mitigating imbalance
  • Power electronics: rectifiers, inverters, and their control methods
  • Faults: earth faults, short circuits, and fault analysis.

Course duration: 1 day

For group bookings, please get in touch to discuss discounted rates. 

Useful for: Utilities, developers, consultancies, engineers, students, regulators. 

To register your interest for the course or to find out more information please email training@tneigroup.com.