Transmission and distribution

TNEI has a wide breadth of experience with Transmission System Operators (TSOs) in a variety of countries, including:  the UK, Ireland, Nigeria, Bangladesh and China. We liaise on a daily basis with UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and with generators / developers connecting to these networks.


We have been involved in the transmission system performance assessment for integration of a large power generation site or introduction of a large new interconnector, and in the development of transmission master plans for future generation and demand scenarios especially for the economically efficient connection of large scale wind generation.

Through the course of this activity we are both maintaining the skill level of our core staff, as well as pushing the boundaries on new analysis methodologies. The projects we are involved in typically provide us contact with the technology supply chain, which keeps us up to date with the current and future technology developments.

TNEI has worked with Irish network operator, EirGrid, providing various technical support in terms of transmission system planning and operation, such as renewable integration development projects, dynamic studies of the second interconnector, FACTS technology investigation, and voltage stability assessment, etc.. In addition, TNEI supported EirGrid in building a dynamic model for all renewable generating units and conventional generating units for stability assessment.


TNEI has considerable experience with UK distribution networks both in terms of supporting DNOs on the development of network development plans and technical analysis, as well as supporting distribution network end-users, such as industrial consumers and generators.

We have significant experience with network modelling and the development of specific applications to assist DNOs in evaluating the technical, investment and pricing implications of major reinforcement projects. A considerable amount of our work is for end users such as wind farm developers seeking distribution network connections. As such, we have experience with the availability and quality of network information, such as the long term development statements (LTDS), as well as the relative efficiency and effectiveness of the connection processes.

Services we offer include:

  • Modelling of bulk transmission and distribution systems
  • Grid design, network planning and master plan
  • Conception and feasibility studies of generation connection
  • Transmission and distribution system assessment
  • Renewable integration and grid code compliance

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